Benjamin Powers

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." - MLK

Benjamin Powers is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn, New York.  He writes about politics, technology, and policing, among other areas. 

Benjamin was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia but like too many people with a proclivity for craft beer and cold brew, soon found himself living in Brooklyn, New York.  His writing has appeared in Rolling Stone, Fusion, Mother Jones, Complex, the Huffington Post, Paste Magazine, GOOD Magazine, OZY, and the National Memo, among others. He loves a few things, including but not limited to writing about public policy, politics, and technology.  One of his favorite pastimes is eavesdropping on awkward first dates while pretending to listen to music. Riding the subway is the best and worst thing he does each day. 

Benjamin has a joint degree in Human Rights and Political Studies, with an emphasis on Global and International Studies from Bard College. He has traveled extensively, spending time in France, South Africa, and Russia. He has published numerous essays and presented a paper in St.Petersburg, Russia. In the past he has written for newspapers, online publications, and done communications work for non-profits and political campaigns. He is the winner of the Robert Koblitz Human Rights Award as well as the Hannah Arendt Center Award for Excellence in Political Thinking.